Anything North of Lubbock is the Panhandle. Anything South of there and to San Angelo (Permian Basin) is west Texas. Anything in the mountain time zone (but still in Texas) is El Paso. Basically if you can grow an agricultural crop, it isn't west texas. Cattle and oil only? West Texas » 6/10/14 5:15pm 6/10/14 5:15pm

I vaguely recall a Nazi land invasion plan of the United States through Mexico. I'm not entirely sure where I remember hearing this, but I recall the rationale behind it as San Diego/ Los Angeles and Houston/Galveston/San Antonio as being major military objectives for Hitler. This would have involved the take-over of… » 5/01/14 1:26pm 5/01/14 1:26pm

A few years ago, Hot Rod Magazine wrote an article called "The Return of AMC" which I bought hook, line and sinker. There was some legal type at the end of the article making sure you saw the date the article was written, April 1. I'm not usually one to fall for things, but they got me. » 2/25/14 4:08pm 2/25/14 4:08pm

This is a Honda Accord LX (4cyl) from MY2008-2010. Those rims are plastic hubcaps, and only came equipped with with the LX. There was a mid-generation refresh in 2010 that brought faux red lenses on the trunk lid, which are not present on this model. » 2/22/14 11:48pm 2/22/14 11:48pm

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